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1.    To promote good woodlot management and to assist in the distribution of ideas and information on woodlot
operations and related equipment at meetings, field days and through newsletters

2.    To provide members with technical advice on all aspects of forest management from planting to harvesting including,
but not limited to: timber and fuel wood production, creation and preservation of wildlife habitat, preservation of rare and
endangered species, and the production of other products such as ginseng, maple syrup and shitake mushrooms.

3.    To support the best interests of the members with respect to legislation, taxation and regulations.

4.    To encourage research and development projects as they relate to the objectives of the Association.

5.    To collect and make available to members a wide variety of data regarding woodlot management.

6.    To collect and distribute information on the planting and management of plantations, windbreaks and other
conservation activities.



1.    Membership shall be open to all those interested in the objectives of the Association, as follows:

a)    Member: any individual interested in supporting the objectives of the Association and paying annual dues;

b)    Associate Member: any organization or corporation supporting the objectives of the Association and wishing to
participate in, or be a partner in, its activities;

c)    Honorary Member: any individual or corporation so nominated by the Board of Directors. Honorary members will enjoy
all membership privileges but will pay neither annual dues nor have a vote.

2.    Memberships may be taken out in the name of an individual, family, organization,     corporation or business.  However,
there shall only be one vote per member.

3.    The Board of Directors has the authority to grant, review and otherwise determine any membership and define the
current status of each member.

4.    Only members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office, be entitled to nominate, or have the right to vote at any
meeting of the Association. Any member failing to pay the required annual membership dues on or before the     identified
due date shall cease to be a member in good standing and the Board of Directors may strike the name of such member from
the membership list.

5.    It shall be the responsibility of the member to advise the Association of any change of address.

6.    Any member whose membership is lapsed or has been terminated in any manner shall forfeit all interest and property
belonging to the Association and all rights and privileges extended by the Association.

7.    A membership list shall be maintained by a member of the Association designated by the Board of Directors.

CLAUSE II            DUES

1.    Annual Membership dues shall be proposed by the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special
Meeting called for such purpose, and must be approved by a two thirds majority of those members present at such meeting.

2.    New annual dues will not come into effect until the fiscal year following such approval.

3.    Membership dues are payable by cheque to “The Haldimand & Area Woodlot Owners’Association”.


1.    The Association shall be governed by a board of no fewer than ten and no more than twelve Directors
2.    Directors shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting.

3.    At least one half of the Directors must be woodlot owners in Haldimand County.

4.    The Officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The offices of
Secretary and Treasurer may be combined.

5.     The President or the Vice-President shall be a woodlot owner in Haldimand County.

6.    No person may hold any one position identified in Clause III 4 above for more than two consecutive terms unless it is
deemed to be in the best interest of the Association.

7.    The term of each Board of Directors shall be two years. Directors are eligible for re-election.
8.    A quorum of the Board of Directors will be a majority of Directors, but one of either the President or the Vice-
President must be in attendance to chair the meeting.

9.    The Past President shall be an Ex Officio member of the Board of Directors.


1.    The election of the Board of Directors will take place at those Annual General Meetings which occur in even numbered


1.    All vacancies in the Board of Directors may be filled by the Board of Directors.  The completion of a vacated term of
office by a person chosen by the Board of Directors shall not count in the tenure requirements noted under Clause III 6.

2.    The office of a director shall be considered vacant:
1)     when a written resignation is received by the Secretary of the Association, or

2)     after the minutes indicate absence for three scheduled consecutive Directors’ meetings without notice.


1.    A Nominating Committee will be elected by members present at those Annual General Meetings which occur in odd
numbered years. Such Nominating Committee will consist of at least three members and will have at least one Board
member and one non Board member.

The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees which shall be made known to members no later than 30 days
prior to the next Annual General Meeting, either at a meeting or by other means such as, but not limited to, direct mailing
to members.

2.    Nominations will be accepted from the floor of the Annual General Meeting.


1.    The President shall preside at all meetings and carry out other duties incident to the office.

2.    The Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President.

3.    The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring the Minutes of all Board of Directors meetings are properly kept,
conduct any correspondence necessary, and develop and maintain a filing system for all correspondence and other materials
incident to the operation of the Association with the exception of the financial records which shall be the responsibility of
the Treasurer.

4.    The Treasurer will be responsible for the handling of all financial activities and money by the Association and will be
accountable to the Board of Directors for the keeping of accurate records capable of external audit.  In doing so, the     
Treasurer will develop and maintain an accurate accounting system.  

The Treasurer will regularly provide current financial information to the Board of Directors at all its meetings and
communicate with regulatory authorities regarding taxes, audits and the like as necessary.  

The Treasurer will assist a new replacement incumbent by giving advice and support as requested and necessary.

5.    The Treasurer will maintain an account in the name of the Association in an accredited financial institution.

6.    All cheques and other financial instruments will require the signatures of two of the following four Officers: President,
Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


1.    In order to facilitate the Association’s objectives, the Board of Directors may establish  Ad Hoc Committees or Task
Forces with specific mandates and defined lengths of existence.

2.    All such Committees will be chaired by a designated Board of Directors member who will report to the Board of
Directors about Committee activities.

3.    Committees may have memberships drawn from the membership at large and may include non-members having
appropriate specialized expertise or talents.


1.    The Board of Directors will meet no fewer times than twice annually.

2.    There will be at least one membership meeting annually.

3.    The Annual General Meeting will be held on a date in September or October of each year to
coincide with the OWA membership year and its location will be determined by the Board of Directors.

4.    At the Annual General Meeting reports will be given by the President on the previous year’s activities and any issues
which are of concern to the Board of     Directors and by the Treasurer on the financial position of the Association,
including a full, written outline of cash flow and current financial resources. Other reports may also be made by the Chairs
of any other Committees.

5.    The agenda of the Annual General Meeting will provide an opportunity for members to state opinions and to ask

6.    A quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be a quorum of the Board of Directors plus all other members present.

7.    All business meetings of the Association will be held in Haldimand County.  Other meetings of a special nature such as
field trips and visits to certain facilities for training programs, of necessity, may be held elsewhere.

8.    All meetings of the Association will be run in accordance with 'Robert’s Rules of Order'.


The fiscal year of the Association is to coincide with that of the Ontario Woodlot Association which is the calendar year.


1.    Changes to this Constitution may be made only at an Annual General Meeting or at a  Special Meeting called for such
purpose and only if the membership has been given 30 days’ written notice of such recommended change.

2.    Changes require a two thirds majority of those present at such a meeting.

3.    Any member may recommend changes to the Board of Directors.  This must be done in  writing and include the reasons
for such recommendation.  The Board of Directors will determine whether it will recommend such changes to the Annual
General Meeting and,  if not, it will report to the member the reasons for not doing so.

This revised Constitution was approved by members at the Annual General Meeting in January, 2004.
Amended in January, 2010.
Haldimand & Area Woodlot Owners’ Association


By-law 1    Financial transactions between Board meetings

Between meetings of the Board of Directors and when there is a need for action prior to the next scheduled meeting, the
Treasurer and President together are authorized to execute financial transactions in the best interests of the Association.

By-law 2    Use of the Association membership list by the Association

1.    The Association shall use its list of members only for activities supporting its objectives and relating to the operation
of the Association.  In the event that there is doubt about its usage, the Board of Directors shall determine whether a
suggested use is supportive of  the objectives of the Association.
2.    Members will be asked when they join or renew their memberships if they wish to have  their names made available to
outside entities in this regard.

By-law 3      Expenses for travel beyond Haldimand County

Mileage will be paid on the basis of twice the cost of gasoline plus tolls for trips outside of

By-law 4      Audit Committee

1. The Board of Directors will establish an Audit Committee prior to each Annual General
Meeting of the Association to review all the Financial Statements and Procedures of the

2. The Audit Committee will consist of two members of the Association one of whom will be a
member of the Board of Directors and the other an ordinary member in good standing.

3. The Audit Committee will be established annually at a time which permits the audit to take place
and to have the Audit Committee report presented to the membership.

4. The Treasurer will provide access to all documents and other instruments to the Audit
Committee upon request.

5. The Audit Committee will prepare a written report for presentation to the membership.

End of By-laws

Haldimand & Area Woodlot Owners’ Association
revised January 2004 - amended January 2010

Mission Statement: to encourage the development, improvement
and active management of private woodlots in Haldimand County
The H&AWOA Constitution was revised in January 2004 and amended in January 2010.
To receive a copy please contact us by phone 905 772 1393 or
H&AWOA Constitution