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White Pine Seed Orchard:
H&AWOA has an agreement with Ministry of Natural Resources
(MNR) to care for the White Pine Seed Orchard in Haldimand. The
seed orchard was established by MNR in 1986 and managed until
1996. In 2003, H&AWOA approached the MNR about the orchard.
It is now managed co-operatively between MNR Guelph District,
the Forest Gene Conservation Association, the MNR Tree Seed
Plant and the Haldimand & Area Woodlot Owners Association.

White Pine 'Realized Gain Trial' info -
Derk Sluiter, OMNR Ontario Tree Seed Plant Seed Technician and I (Barb Boysen) visited our white pine progeny at the
OMNR’s Ontario Forest Research Institute’s greenhouses in Sault Ste Marie this past November 2007.Dr Pengxin Lu and Blake
Stewart are growing the stock for our white pine realized gain trial to be established in 2009 with 3 FGCA Partners; Ferguson
Forest Centre, Westwind Forest Stewardship and Ottawa Valley Forest. Dr Lu has designed the trial that will include these
trees from 5 white pine seed orchards from 5 breeding zones in Ecozones 7E, 6E and 5E and local bulk collections from 3 seed
 click here for the full article

Barb Boysen, Coordinator Forest Gene Conservation Association
Suite 233, 266 Charlotte Street Peterborough, ON K9J 2V4

Tel: (705) 755-3284 Fax: (705) 755-3292
Cell: (705) 875-7150
Background of WPSO:
White pine is a major southcentral Ontario
reforestation species. The MNR made a
considerable investment over the last 20
years in a white pine tree improvement
program (>$200,000 per orchard).
orchard is currently a valuable asset as an
archive of selected natural trees
representing the southwestern Ontario
gene pool, and as a high quality seed
production area.
The white pine seed
orchard in South Cayuga has potential to be
the main production area of white pine seed
for Guelph and Aylmer Districts.

Location of WPSO:
The white pine seed orchard is located on
the south part of Lot 10 Concession IV,
Townshipof South Cayuga, Haldimand
County. It is on Regional Road # 20.
topping the grafted white pines
pine cone picking in 2008
NEST group helping in the WPSO
the fruits of our labours
2007 was the'SUMMER of the
Several activities took place in the seed
orchard this summer. From seedling dig ups
(316 trees), beetle trapping, brush cutting,
orchard clean up and pine cone collection
many people were kept very busy. Many
thanks to all the helpers and workers
When all was done, we collected 83 hl of
cones worth over
$12,000. This is paid to
the Woodlot Association to pay the pickers
and for further maintenance of the orchard.
We spent 300 hours on site collecting and 57
person days from Monday to Friday. Was it
worth it? You bet!
The cones we collected will yield about
3.5 million seed that will be used for pine
plantings in southern Ontario.

above reports & info by Terry Schwan,
RPF, M.Sc.,  District Forester Guelph District
Ministry of Natural Resources
a sticky business
white pine
from seed
from the
White Pine
White Pine Seed Orchard
The new WPSO sign is finally up! Jan. 2010
Report on Cayuga Seed Orchard 2013

This summer new mapping was done.  Red numbers on maps below denote trees that have died and been removed.
View maps here by clicking to open file:     WPSO MAP/KEY        IJ MAP       MIDDLE MAP       NORTH MAP       SOUTH MAP
Total hours are as follows:  Nest Crew hrs. total for 3 days = 49hrs.
Total Volunteer hrs. (includes cutting, brush cutting and cleanup and mapping) = 80hrs.
Thanks to all the volunteers (Al Chamberlain, Ellen Guenther and Bruce and Jenny Elcomb) and the Nest Crew for doing a
good job.
The WPSO trees have all been numbered and dead trees along with non-white pine trees have been removed. It’s beginning
to look really good! There wasn’t a cone crop to harvest this year and there are no more scheduled work days for 2013.   
See you at the orchard in 2014!      - Dan Romanoski

OUR MNR WPSO contact:
Terry Schwan, R.P.F., M. Sc.
District Forester    Guelph District
Ministry of Natural Resources

To volunteer, email or call Dan.    
danromanoski@hawoa.com    905 765 9740

Check back often for our latest WPSO updates.      
WPSO work day requests can be found on our

  Help us care for the WPSO by volunteering for future 'work days'.

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Kathy Hodgins assists with WPSO
controlled burn Nov. 2009
H&AWOA volunteers keep things
under control!
setting the pine
cone beetle traps
Finally - 2 new culverts go in at the
WPSO Nov. 2010 - thanks Dan!
WHITE PINE SEED ORCHARD Work Days for 2014               TBA - ICE STORM CLEAN UP THIS SPRING              
see Events page for details
click on fall 2013 pics for larger views
White Pine Seed Orchard
Dan Romanoski
receives an Award
from MNR's
Terry Schwan at 2013 AGM
Ice Storm Damage from
Dec 2013

Mother nature did the
pruning and volunteers
will be needed to clean